(Belated) Happy Thanksgiving!

I meant to post this on Wednesday night, but the time just got away from me... So here's a belated Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it, and a belated happy Thursday to those who don't. ;)

M and I attended 2 Thanksgiving meals - 1 with my family and 1 with his. And we played lots of Taboo and Scattergories. We had a really nice day.

Today was more of the same. :) Once upon a time, I did force myself to wake up for Black Friday sales, but the last couple years, nothing aside from an emergency can make me open my eyes before 9. We ended up stretching our sleepy time til 11, then perusing the web for sales (the $50 discount on the iPad was the only one that caught my eye)... But we did venture out in the afternoon to wander around the malls. And I turned out to be a very very lucky girl... M bought me a gorgeous bday/Christmas present that I've been drooling over forever!!

Anyway, hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!


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