Goal Review

I'm actually feeling really good about the progress on my goals this month. :) On the health front, M and I have been working out daily, we've been eating less and healthier, and we've been weighing ourselves daily (and I've been consistently going down! yay). On the school front, I have exams out of the way, and just have a paper left (which I think I can finish in the next few days). The Christmas cards are sent out, and all the presents are bought and wrapped. Once the paper is finished, I'll work on tackling the finance front (selling some purses, updating my sidebars).

This is what I have left to do:


  1. Continue playing tennis, or going to the gym or yoga daily
  2. Continue doing sit-ups for 10 mins/day and 8 lb weights for 10 mins/day
  3. Continue eating healthier
  1. Must keep all groceries/eating out for M and I to $450/mo
  2. Sell all old law books
  3. Sell purses
  4. Try to obtain spring internship
  1. Finish my paper (due 12/28)
Personal Enrichment
  1. Read at least 2 fiction books
  2. Continue writing my fiction novel (or short story... whatever it is, I'm having fun :))
  1. Enjoy my 26th birthday :)
  2. Celebrate xmas with M's family and my family
  1. Continue keeping the house clean and smelling good
  2. File receipts/docs that have piled up in the bedroom
  3. Clean out closet
  4. Finish watching the final 5 eps of Mad Men, season 3
  5. Make new CD for car


Paragon2Pieces said...

awesome job of keeping up the exercise during finals. not an easy task!

The Lost Goat said...

For free fiction reading, you can download kindle for pc free and then get free books off Amazon. I recommend Wit'ch fire (fiction) or His Lady Mistress (romance). Not either of them deathless prose, but the price is right:)

paranoidasteroid said...

Good job staying healthy! I always struggle this time of year because the cold is not conducive to getting out and doing stuff.

Have a great birthday!

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