Debt Update

I've been battling my credit card debt back with a stick for the past couple weeks... It looks like I'll come out ahead, with about $250 less. That's not much, but considering how often I overspend for the holidays, I'm just glad I didn't add anything.

I'm holding off on making a couple credit card payments until my loan funds arrive in mid-January, and so am holding off on updating my debt totals. I also hope to post a few things on ebay next week, so maybe I can shave off at least a couple hundred more.

I'm meeting up with family and friends pretty much every day this week, and I have a paper to finish (it was supposed to be done yesterday, but I got sidetracked... it's not due til next Monday, but I know I have to get on it)... so I'm off on another (short) hiatus. See you all after the holiday! For those who celebrate, hope you have a Merry Christmas! :)


Revanche said...

Good luck with that paper! And Merry Christmas!

ashley said...

That's good that even with all your Christmas shopping and stuff, you didn't add to the debt on the cards. Good job!

Sunflowers said...

Thanks ladies! :)

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