August Goals

Wow, it's already August in 2 days. I have to re-take the MPRE next Friday, and a week after that I'm back at school. Time is whizzing by...

  • Study for, take (and pass!!) the MPRE
  • Buy school books on Amazon (have to do this fast before the good deals are snatched up...) This was another ~$300 that had to go on the credit card. :( Even buying used, it really adds up!
  • Schedule appointment w/gyno (I think this has been a goal for the past 3 mos! Can you tell I'm not excited about this one? :p)
  • Book hotels in France/Germany (more about this in a later post...)
  • Start learning basic French/German
  • Put purses/clothes up for sale on ebay
  • Gym 2x/week (maybe swim & elliptical)
  • Swimming 2x/week (at an outdoor pool - I'm tired of being so pale!)
  • Yoga 2x/week
  • Keep up with readings for school (this is very important, since I'm going to be missing 2 weeks for the Europe trip...)


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