Possible Apartment?

I wasn't planning to seriously look for apartments until next month (since we're not moving til June), but I have been looking on and off on Craig's List (since I was doing job searches anyway). And lo and behold... I think I found something! We're going to see it tomorrow. I'm excited because it opens up exactly when we want to move, it would mean a $400 decrease in rent for each of us, and it's close by, so the move would be easy. And they have a flexible lease!

I'd love to have a place secured this early! That would definitely take the stress off. :) But we'll see - for that cheap, it could be the size of a closet. :(


Anonymous said...

wow! $400 less is HUGE! maybe a little less space would be worth the savings? good luck!

Miss M said...

Well you aren't planning to live there forever so a little cramped in exchange for the rent break could be worth it. Sock that extra money in the new house fund!

Sunflowers said...

Yeah, I think I'm ok with downgrading... I'm kind of looking forward to getting rid of some of our stuff. :) (that means when we move into the new place, we can buy much nicer stuff... hehehe)

asgreen said...

It is so hard not to look early. The same thing happened (is happening) to me.

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