My Ideal Apartment

I've been thinking about apartments a lot lately, partially because we're moving in a few months and partially because I keep seeing "for rent" signs all over the place. (hopefully it'll be the same when we're actually looking!)

I came up with a list of things that my ideal apartment would have:

  • at least 2 bedrooms, 2 baths (one in the living room/entrance area for guests; we have this... and a bathroom in the 2nd bedroom, which is useless)
  • on the 2 streets w/bike paths, 1-2 miles west (I won't mention street names for anonymity's sake ;)); if I can't get that, it has to be no farther east than our street, or 3 miles max west of here
  • not less than 1200 sq. ft. (we're in a 1400 sq. ft apt right now)
  • new kitchen (I'm so tired of old appliances!)
  • kitchen faucet with removable head
  • hardwood floors in the living room, carpet in bedrooms (we have carpet everywhere now)
  • mirrored closets (we have this)
  • walk-in closet in 1 bedroom
  • nice countertop in bathroom; new shower
  • dual sinks in master bathroom (this isn't a deal breaker, but it'd be useful)
  • washer/dryer in unit (this IS a deal breaker; we have this now, and I don't want to go back to lugging my stuff over to a laundry room)
  • nice lobby
  • 2 side-by-side parking spaces (we have tandem right now and it's a pain)
  • pool for the building
  • pleasant landlord! or professional management company
  • no more than $1800
Unfortunately, for the location I want, that price is virtually impossible. But maybe I'll get lucky... prices do seem to be dropping. I think?


Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Nice, well thought out list. I am with you all the way on the washer/dryer. I HATE laundromats.

FB @ said...

Wow are you ever thorough!

For BF and I it's:

1. Bigger kitchen with dishwasher
2. 1 bedroom is fine.
3. Hardwood throughout (allergies act up with carpet)
4. Washer/Dryer inside (I really hate going down to the basement for this)
5. Secure building
6. Covered parking.

:) We're pretty minimal on our requests, but it also depends on the area.. we want me to be safe at night coming home if I work late.

Shtinkykat said...

I am totally down with the professional management company! And yeah, I wish I had an in-unit washer and dryer. I hate to admit it but I hold off on laundry as long as possible since I hate lugging laundry to the laundry room. :-P Good luck in your hunt.

Sunflowers said...

I have a not-as-thorough list too ;)

1. 2 bd, 2 ba
2. new(er) kitchen
3. washer/dryer
4. secure building
5. gated parking
6. within 3 miles of here (this is M's stipulation... b/c he bikes to work)

As long as those 6 factors are met... we're good to go!

@Shtinkykat: Yeah, I used to put off doing laundry for that same reason (in our previous apt)... that's why we vowed never to not have a w/d in unit ever again! ;)

Miss M said...

Yikes, you're a tough customer. I've seen very few rentals with washer/dryer in unit. I hope the weak rental market helps you find something you like at a price you can afford.

Sunflowers said...

@Miss M: I know. :( But we found one 2 years ago, and we can find one again!

Serendipity said...

*drools over square footage in apartment* I squeeze myself and Bf into a 720 sq ft place now. Apartments in Las Vegas our tiny.

Sunflowers said...

@Serendipity: We looked at a ton of small ones before we found this one... now I'm clued in to the euphemisms ("cozy", "quaint", "charming")... although sometimes it can be true; my friends live in a little guest house (all of 600 sq. ft?), and I would definitely describe it as charming! :)

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