Fun Weekend

I had a lot of fun this weekend, but unfortunately it was a little expensive... and will be more expensive when I pay my friend back what I owe her.

Friday, I went to a friend's brother's surprise birthday party at a bar/restaurant that's known for their beers and burgers (he's a big fan of both). I like burgers, but am definitely not a fan of beer. I did find some apple cider beer that I really liked though. My friend bought me a drink and we shared a basket of fries, and then I turned around and bought her dinner (and another drink for myself). That was $22. Then I had the burger along with the rest of the table. I chipped in $20 to the bill. So I ended up spending $42. My wallet wasn't happy. :( My stomach wasn't happy with me either... Later that night, I had major stomach cramps. I rarely drink, so maybe it was that. Though both the burger (very pink) and pork belly (friend's dinner - I had a bite) were suspect. Regardless, I had a great time! Shared a lot of laughs. :)

Saturday, I saw Rent for the first time... my friend bought the tickets (and wouldn't let me pay her back! but I know I will eventually... whether covertly stuffing money into her bag, or taking her out to eat ;)), and my friend's brother paid for dinner (pizza) and parking. He felt bad that I had come early the night before to help my friend save a table, and bad that I had seen him "drunk" (he really wasn't! but the sentiment was cute).

So that was my last February weekend. I'm really going to watch myself this month... especially when it comes to spending and eating.


FB @ said...

Did you go to that Beer Bistro on King?

Honestly, even if you didn't, don't ever go! The food was not worth the price, for me... totally crazy $

Sunflowers said...

I actually live in California, so no I didn't go there... ;) but if I'm ever up in Toronto, I'll stay away from that place!

This place was also way over-priced, and over-hyped. "Best burger in LA" people have said - I think I prefer Carl's Jr. :p

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