Kindle Review

As of today, I've owned the Kindle for 2 weeks. I've finished reading one book on it. I've downloaded 2 books, and M has downloaded 1.

I think I've spent enough time with it now to give a more accurate review. I'm including the pros and cons I posted in my cursory review, and adding more to it. I bolded the features I thought were really useful.


  • E-ink - just like reading a real book (you can read it out in broad daylight too)
  • Free (and fast) wi-fi lets you download books on the go
  • Wide selection of books, newpapers, magazines, and some blogs
  • Amazing battery life (I've only charged it once since the initial start-up charge)
  • Light and thin (about the weight of a small-ish paperback) - it's easier to hold than a real book, because you don't have to turn the pages.
  • fits in your purse
  • basic internet browsing for free
  • plays MP3s (I haven't used this function yet -and probably never will, since I have my iphone- so I can't say too much about it...)
  • No more need for bookshelves; don't need to pack huge boxes of books when you move!
  • You have to pay for (almost) everything. (to make up for the wi-fi being free, I assume) You even have to pay for blogs.
  • White is the only color (this is a really minor con... and I assume they made it white so it would stand out? makes it easy to find in my purse, at least) - easily smudged... I somehow already got mine a little dirty!
  • Restricts your ability to share books with others
  • Does this weird "flash" when you turn the page - apparently it's the e-ink loading and it helps prolong battery life? It's a little distracting. - I got used to it.
It seems that Kindle books, on average, are $2 less than whatever the Amazon price is for the normal book. I noticed a few promotions where the e-book was much cheaper than its real counterpart (I saw one book for 50 cents, and another one for free), but I don't know how often that happens.

I'm really happy with it so far. I just wish I didn't have so many real books in the cupboard left to read.


FB @ said...

That seals it. Once i move to the U.S. and get my Palm Pre, the Kindle is next on my list! :)

Thanks for the review

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