Health Insurance

I finally called my health insurance company today and switched around my plans, so I don't have to pay $300+ to the dentist anymore.

I switched my dental to a PPO costing $39/mo, and raised the deductible on my health PPO, lowering the cost to $60/mo. So now I'll be paying $99/mo, $10 less than I was before.

I'm a little concerned about the deductible being so high on my health (I raised it to $5000), but I'm just crossing my fingers that I won't have to ever deal with it.

I figure I'll have this plan for 3-4 months, get 2 cleanings (worth $158), maybe one filling ($148), and end up saving about $150. After that I'll hopefully have a full-time job again including some lovely pre-tax health benefits...


robin_titan said...

I was looking at your list of books to read.
-the curious incident of the dog in the night-time is pretty darn great
-everything is illuminated-I myself have not read it but one of my friends did and she did not like it at all
-atonement is BEAUTIFUL! it has one of the most amazing stories I have ever read--if you would like a copy in ebook format just go to my blog :), if you don't mind ebooks or if you'd like to read a bit of it to convince you to buy the book hehe
-choke is pretty darn neat :)

Fabulously Broke said...

What a relief!

I hate paying for dental or medical... So I always try to max it out as much as possible so that I can stop paying mad cash

As for vision, zenni optical is great for glasses.

Added you to my reader

Sunflowers said...

@Robin: Ooh, I'll buy those books next then! As for Atonement... I wish I had read it before the movie came out. :( Everyone was talking about it so much I found out the entire plot (and I didn't even see the movie!).

@FB: I'll try Zenni Optical! I've been going to Lenscrafters, but their deals really aren't that great. And thanks for adding me! :)

Shtinkykat said...

I think while you have to pay oop, a high deductible health plan is the way to go, esp. if you're young and healthy. I'll be praying that you'll get that FT job with awesome benefits!

robin_titan said...

Hey can you please email me so I can send you your ebook?

Thanks and congrats!

Sunflowers said...

Thanks Shtinkykat! :) I'm going to start applying at the end of this month... hopefully I'll find something good!

Sunflowers said...

@Robin: I just did! :) Thanks!

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