Rewards Points & Gift-giving

I have a little over 27,000 points from my Visa card. I'm debating what to do with them. I could cash them in for a $250 gas card. I could cash them in for two $100 Visa gift cards to give as presents (but I would lose $50 - the gift cards that aren't tied to a specific store are more "expensive"!). Or I could get 5 $50 store gift cards.

I guess my first dilemma is - should I use the points on myself or on others? Then the second dilemma is - what should I put those points towards?

As of December 1st, I'll have about $88 stashed away for gift-giving, $270 in credit from Revolve Clothing, and 2 presents already purchased (one with a gift card I didn't know I had from Circuit City, and the other a present I forgot to give last year). I have 16 people I need to purchase gifts for, with my bf being the most important, then my family, his family (who also have ALL their b-days during December, ugh!), and my friends. He says he just wants something "cute and little" for Xmas (which, imo, is a lot harder to pull off than the big presents I usually get for him). He'll mostly foot the bill for presents for his family (and still very kindly lets me add my name to the card), and halves presents to my family.

I feel like giving gift cards would be too impersonal... except to maybe 1 or 2 people. (like the husband of my good friend) Maybe I should get the $250 gas card for myself, and then use the extra $250 in cash to buy more presents?


Shtinkykat said...

Holy canoli, you've got lots of people to buy gifts for! In light of the economy, I'm sure many people would be understanding aobut getting small gifts. (Besides, people shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth!)
Here's my suggestion:
Nix the gas card. You should be under budget on this item since gas prices have come way down.
Use your points to get store gift cards. (Don't waste the $50 on Visa.) Then use the gift cards to buy gifts for friends and family. It's win-win situation. :-D

Sunflowers said...

That's a good idea! Now I just have to figure out which store... ;) Maybe Macy's would be the safest bet?

mysticdomestica said...

I second getting five gift cards and using them to buy gifts. You can probably find some online coupons for free shipping or 20% off to stack as well.

Not that you're, uh, shopping for me, but I'm obsessed with Martha Stewart's stuff at Macy's. It's all so nice and would make great gifts!

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