October Wrap-up

Rent10500Total is 2100
Cell120+13I pay for mine & bf's
Car Payment3700

Oil Change15+45yearly
Misc Car17+40.10yearly

Our groceries/eating out155+18.49

Eating out w/friends50+63.29

Eating at school50-50Using $50 gift card
Gas 100+12.08Two 80 mi trips
Braces450-450Payments start 11/1
Misc Health20+322cleanings & filling; yrly
Health Insurance100-82.41Pay this every 2 mos
Dry Cleaning20-20

Entertainment20+9.53books & movie
Misc0+34.37shipping, ebay fees


Unfortunately, I exceeded my budget in nearly every category! :( BUT the food and gas costs are partially so high because I had to travel much farther than usual two days this month (160 miles in total) to help out my sister. Next month I'm almost positive I can stay within budget.

Goals for November:
  1. Sell 5 purses. (sold one today (11/1))
  2. Use the money towards the Visa.
  3. Call Macy's and Capital One and try to get the negative marks lifted from my credit reports.
  4. Speak to a recruiter and possibly get a full-time job, starting in December (I reeeally have to think about this one.)
  5. Keep working on a consistent exercise routine, consisting of exercise bike, yoga, tennis, and Wii Fit.
  6. Keep trying to eat healthier.
  8. START STUDYING FOR FINALS!! Finish my last paper for one class by 11/10.


Anonymous said...

I love your table! In response to the comment you left on my blog, I have not figured out how to do a table in wordpress, or if it's even possible. I can't even find a way to tab, so it's just the space bar, publish, go back and fix, publish, fix again, repeat until it looks acceptable. If I never figure it out, I guess I can minimize the fiddliness with a lil' copy-paste now that I've done it once.

Sunflowers said...

Thanks! :) I just figured out how to make it last night... it's not quite complete.

Blogger won't let me create white space with the spacebar! :( I'm not sure why.

So I've just resorted to Dreamweaver... pretty easy to use!

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