Health and Dental Insurance

My insurance has now been paid up until 2/01/09 (costing $218).

I am SO tempted to just cancel the insurance (I haven't been/needed to go to the doctor in at least 6 months). But I drive so much, I know it would be stupid. I also have a friend who got cancer at 22, so... you never know.

I'll keep paying it (begrudgingly). But I can't WAIT to get a full-time job again with those delicious pre-tax health benefits (and flex spending plan!). I really took that for granted.

If only my bf's company would recognize opposite sex couples as domestic partners! Then I could just piggyback onto his benefits.


Miss M said...

A lot of companies will allow any type of domestic partnership, but it's not a great deal. I did it with Mr M before and it was fine until the feds started cracking down. The feds don't recognize domestic partnerships so they treat the partner's health benefits as taxable income to you. It looks like this, they add $300 (or whatever the company's share of the premium is) to your paycheck, calculate your taxes and then subtract that $300 back out. It makes it quite expensive, obviously married couples aren't treated the same way.

Bayjb said...

Oh my gosh, even if you only go to the doc once a year you have to have health insurance! Go with the cheapest plan available so that you have something but it isn't costing you a ton. Insurance like that is a must!

Sunflowers said...

@miss m: He's asked HR and they said they only recognize it for same-sex couples.

So I would actually come out paying more?! I guess it's a good thing they said no...

@bayjb: I have a PPO... so I shouldn't really complain about the high cost - I picked an expensive plan. I loathe HMOs.

Actually, it would've been smarter to get a dental PPO rather than a health PPO... because of the braces, I've been going to the dentist often. I've paid about $400 because I chose to go to my own dentist rather than the one picked by the HMO (he's terrible).

Shtinkykat said...

Health insurance is one of those things you loathe to pay but are glad to have. I just consider it as "buying a peace of mind". If you're relatively healthy, HMOs really aren't that bad. You might want to reconsider. I think your choice of dental PPO is a good one, though

Anonymous said...

Tsk tsk, discriminating against us raging heterosexuals. I'm surprised they do that, since it sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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