Friends are Expensive

My friend asked me yesterday if I would go with her to an autograph signing this morning and I agreed... It's not really my thing, but she was really excited about it, and she was getting ridiculed by everyone else for wanting to go, so I felt bad.

It was a (semi) amusing experience (even though the stupid celebrity didn't show up), but MAN was it expensive.

She came late last night, because she lives an hour away and the signing was 20 mins from my apartment. I ordered Indian for us when she came... She just picked at it (she's so skinny, I assume that's just how she eats, because I know she likes Indian), but thankfully I didn't order much more than usual. My bf paid for it (which is becoming a regular thing, and my guilt grows by the day :\)... and she didn't offer to pay a cent. My bf would have definitely turned down her money, but I felt she should have at least offered (especially since I told her we were getting it for the 3 of us). Isn't that common courtesy? It always bugs me when people don't do this.

We had to get up at 5:30 this morning to get in the line, and after going to bed at 2:30 (I had a few school related things to finish up, and the three of us watched a movie), I felt like death. I drove us to the signing, nearly having an accident in the process (driving while drowsy = not smart). She bought me a chai tea latte and a chocolate chip muffin, which I appreciated. We then found parking and proceeded to stand in line... for two hours. When we were finally informed that the celebrity wasn't coming out, we went to the car... where I paid $18 for parking. She said she wanted to pay, but then realized she didn't have cash. She said she would pay me back (in a MONTH, when I next see her), but who's betting she won't remember?

Now I'm at work, struggling to stay awake. I had to spend $4 on another chai latte to keep me from putting my head down on my desk and just snoring away.

So, in total $22 was spent on parking and coffee (I also drove 20 miles, so you can throw in the gas), and $50 was spent on food. That's $72 since last night at 10! Ugh.

I was glad to be there for her, and she thanked me profusely for going with her, and I know money is tight for her (although she doesn't pay rent, so it's a little hard to sympathize), and even though outings with friends can be expensive, I still love them, AND I know this annoyance and frustration is partially because I'm so. freaking. TIRED. (maybe blogging while drowsy = not smart, too?) But I still felt the need to vent.

Phew. Ok, I'm done.


Anonymous said...

How exhausting! And the person signing didn't even show? Crazy. Get a good nights rest tonight. What a good friend!

Sunflowers said...

Yeah, can you believe that?! He was doing an interview, and all of us were gathered outside, and he KNEW we were gathered outside (the host of the show came and chatted with a few people on-air beforehand)... and he didn't even poke his head out the door to give us a wave. He just disappeared out the back (apparently he had to get to the airport). My friend was really bummed. The whole thing was just organized really badly.

I can't WAIT to sleep! Sleep off the irritation. ;)

Shtinkykat said...

Okay. So your friend spends the night and doesn't offer to pay for dinner? C'mon. And don't be shy about reminding her about the parking cost if she conveniently "forgets".

Sunflowers said...

Yeah... it was weird! Usually she's pretty considerate... maybe she was just excited about seeing the celebrity, and so it slipped her mind?

Miss M said...

I've asked for one autograph in my life and it was for a present for my dad. I was so embarrased even asking. What a sucky experience, I'm sorry said celeb didn't show. You're a good friend, it will get repaid somehow. What was for dinner, I love indian. I usually make my own these days, our fave restaurant has the creepiest waiter (he looks like beetlejuice) so we don't go much.

Sunflowers said...

Chicken tikka masala, lamb korma, raita, rice, & cheese nan! :) I LOVE Indian!

I used to go to conventions when I was in my early teens, and I got autographs from a couple Star Wars cast members and comic book authors. I remember that being really fun... but it was really organized, orderly and efficient. And I wasn't there just for the autographs.

asgreen said...

Sometimes venting is all it takes to feel better. It drives me crazy when people don't offer to pay. I completely feel you there.

Miss M said...

Mmm, I'm hungry. I've got a good naan recipe if you ever want to try, it tastes great and is pretty easy for bread. You cook it in a buttered skillet. I haven't done chicken tikka masala but america's test kitchen did one recently that looked good and not too hard. You can get the recipe on their site.

Sunflowers said...

@miss m: ooh, I'd love that recipe! my bf can try it out this weekend ;)

Miss M said...

It's online, here's the link

Naan Recipe

I followed the tip left in the comments and add 1/2 tsp baking soda with the other ingredients. I just cook mine in a large skillet on the stove. It will make a ton, they freeze well so make the whole recipe and enjoy later. I'm probably making bagels this weekend, part of my focus on frugality.

Sunflowers said...

Thanks! :D

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