Productive Day

I got a few things accomplished today:

  1. Returned my Madison Marcus dress (I mentioned it here). I didn't like it enough to be able to justify the cost. I have a green dress that I'll probably wear for my anniversary instead.
  2. Deposited $300 check (transferring the discount from one bank to another)
  3. Deposited $40 cash (from my relative)
  4. Dropped off package at UPS (the purse I sold)
  5. Dropped off package at USPS (returning a shirt to Revolve for $285; I can only get back store credit, so I'm going to use it to buy Xmas presents for all my friends)
  6. Mailed my request for absentee voting ballot (I can't wait to vote!)
  7. Filled my gas tank (-$35)
  8. Got a car wash (I normally get this free with my oil change, but my car was so dirty that it was getting hard to see out of the windows, so I couldn't wait) (-$9)
Now I'm going to clean our room, clean the closet, and eat some dinner 'cause I'm starving!


SavingDiva said...

Good job returning all of the stuff! I'm sure it will make a huge dent in your credit card bill.

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