Bad Influence

Remember my friend G, who helped enable my last major slip? When I spent the day with her yesterday, I had another slip (though, thankfully, to a much, much lesser extent).

My purchases (everything went on my debit card):
Chai Tea Latte: $3.93
Korean lunch: $8.46
Indian dinner: $21.12
= $32.51 (I budgeted for $40-50/mo eating out with friends. This leaves me with $17.49 for the rest of the month.)

Nordies Belt: $73.27 (I have NO budget for clothes, so this was bad. I'm going to hunt in my closet for something unworn & with tags to return so I can make back the money. I think I can wear this belt with a variety of outfits, making them look dressier. So this gives me all the party looks I'll need for the rest of the year. BUT I am definitely going to try to exchange it for a smaller size. If I can't find that, it's going back)

Sephora: $154.08 (I budgeted for $160/yr -- I might be able to stretch what I bought out for another year. But likely will need another powder refill). I did need under eye concealer, and the extra powder. The rest of the stuff was unnecessary... but fun.

Happy Nails: $43 (I budgeted for $31/2 mos. I splurged and got the "deluxe spa pedicure" this time. My nails were chipped and looked horrible and I wanted them nice for my anniversary, so I felt this was justifiable)

In total, I spent $303.86. (I also used up half a tank of gas!) The next time I'm going to see G is on the 17th, but I'm going to be helping her run a booth, so I'm hoping I'll get a free dinner out of it and will spend nothing (other than the half a tank of gas to get to her).

To be fair, I think in the past we've been bad influences on each other. I'm really trying to be a good influence now. I told her I've made a budget, I've started a pf blog, and that I'm serious about reforming my bad habits. It's hard though, because all our fun in the past has revolved around spending. I've also noticed that I'm becoming anal about splitting meals (she shortchanged me by $1.50 at lunch, and she shortchanged me the last time I saw her) and that makes me feel like a jerk, so I don't say anything about it. But it still bugs me. In the past, measly amounts like that would be overlooked, probably on both sides, but now - every penny counts, you know?

I might guilt myself into taking everything back. I need to look at this stuff, and my budget, very carefully. And next time I go out with G, or any friend, I need to make it clear (to myself and to them) what I can and cannot spend. I need to find something fun and free for us to do! Must stay away from the mall!


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