Latest Finance Charge

The latest finance charge on my Mastercard posted today - $146.27, bringing my balance to $5959.

I have 10292 in my checking right now. I need $9782 to make it from now until the end of January. That means I can make a $500 payment to the Mastercard and still pay all my bills. That will bring the total down to $5459. I also will make a $450 payment as soon as I receive the funds from my bag. I also am returning a $480 bag today (I was trying to sell it, but then found out the store I bought it from would accept a return), so after subtracting those amounts the balance I'm left with is $4529.

The minimum payment I can make on my Mastercard is $210... so that will have to be factored into my budget. I'll take that from my paycheck every month.

I applied for a Capital one 0% balance transfer card over the weekend and was approved... BUT they didn't tell me my credit line. It could be as low as $500! That would be unhelpful.

I'm trying to put Christmas (and the fact that my boyfriend's entire family has birthdays in December) out of my mind... other than the presents I can get for my friends from my return to Revolve, I have no idea how I'm going to buy presents for everyone else. It's depressing...:\


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