My bf and I were briefly talking last night about getting a roommate (once my relative moves out). At first I was really opposed to it... but it wouldn't be so bad if we had someone pleasant, quiet, and paying $800-ish rent! Especially someone who likes video games. :) That extra 400 per month could go towards paying my Visa. Making $600 payments a month (keeping in mind the 83/mo finance charge), the card would be paid off in about a year and half!

My bf and I have lived with a roommate before... At our old apartment, with my (now former) best friend. And yes, the living situation definitely contributed to the demise of our relationship... I don't think I could live with a friend again unless we were VERY open, honest, and comfortable with one another. But I think a stranger would be ok. (though it has its own set of potential problems - besides all the horror movies out there, I've heard TONS of horror stories from friends. One in particular, the roomie (who seemed so sweet and innocuous; I met her many times and never would've suspected) entered my friend's room and routinely stole things from her (went so far as to steal a box of cash ($1000+) that was going to charity - that's when my friend called the cops). She stole things to fuel her designer jeans and purses habit!!) So that's kind of scary. I would prefer a guy, frankly. Partially because I haven't heard any scary stories about guys, and partially because I have a bit of a jealous streak and although my bf has NEVER given me reason to doubt him, I don't want to deal with some girl potentially putting the moves on him. (maybe unlikely, but... you never know!)

Is this a good idea? I'm not sure. I think once my relative moves out, my bf and I should give it a couple months just to enjoy the alone time. Then we can talk about it seriously again, and consider how we should hunt for someone... I'd prefer a grad student, so maybe I should post at my school or surrounding schools' message boards? Or Craigs List, but specify a student is preferred? And maybe this is selfish, but I don't really want them to bring people over. I don't want to come home to multiple strangers sitting in my living room! Is that too much to ask?


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