Credit Cards & Closet Reflections...

Mastercard: 7730
Visa: 8866

It's gone up from two weeks ago because of (1) finance charges (153 and 86); (2) $40 gas charge; and (3) ebay fees.

Here's how my finances stand right now.
My Checking: 13,000
Joint Checking: 700
Earnings: 500/mo (sans Dec)

My projected monthly budget: $2549.50

I'll need $10,198 to live on from Oct-Jan, when my 10k loan payment comes in. Food between my bf and I (600 for 4 mos) is pretty much covered. That leaves me with 9598. My 1500 earnings leaves me with 8098. And then finally the difference between what I have in my checking and what I need to live is $4902.

The below are in the process of being deducted from the above Mastercard balance:
$360 (Nordies)
$287 ( cashback)
$120 (Saks)
$139 (
$130 (

That leaves me with 6694. I could go ahead and make a 3000 payment, leaving me with a balance of $3694. I'm not sure what to do from there. I can try to sell off some purses (like I mentioned here) and I can also cut back on the frivolities for a couple months. Though my b-day is coming up at the end of the year, and the age I'm turning is a semi-milestone... I'd like to at least get my nails done! :( I also really wanted to go on a trip somewhere... but it's clear I can forget about that.

I'll see what I can do about the purses. I took them all out today to look at them, so I think I'll post a few on ebay tonight.

I'm also going to look at everything in my closet, see if there's anything that can go back. Despite all the stuff I have, I have now noticed a trend - the SAME pair of jeans everyday (or jean skirt); rotating between 5 t-shirts; the SAME black cardigan; the SAME black bag; and the SAME flip-flops. I'm reverting back to my college days! Probably more conservative than my college days, even. It's because I'm lazy, can't stand tight clothing (I sit for 9+ hrs a day at work and in class) and get cold... and my job occasionally involves moving heavy stuff, so I don't like to wear nice shoes. I'm using less than 10% of my wardrobe! How sad.

ANYWAY - goal is still to have this card paid off by October 1st. We'll see.


SavingDiva said...

Try to return anything with tags still on. I did this when I was trying to turn around my shopping problems, and it really helped! It was surprising what the stores would take back. Plus, it cleaned out my clothes and cut down on my cc debt.

Good luck!

Sunflowers said...

Thankfully a lot of my stuff is from the big department stores, and they have great return policies (especially Nordstrom)! It's a pain to take stuff back, but that makes me feel like I shouldn't be buying in the first place (a step in the right direction ;)).

Thanks! :)

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