Domestic Partnership

M's work started offering domestic partnership benefits to opposite sex couples - just in time for open enrollment! This will give me access to a health & dental PPO that's much better than the one I have now, plus vision benefits. And I can use M's flex spending account for co-pays and prescriptions (among other things). Unfortunately, he found out that I can't use it. :(

My only question is... do I need to do anything to ensure a smooth transition from my insurance to his? It's the same provider, just a different plan. I'm paid up until the 1st of December. We're planning to turn in the domestic partnership affidavit by the end of the week (we're waiting on a letter from our bank). Do I need to inform the provider that this is happening?

Is anybody else out there getting domestic partnership benefits? I read in an article that it's mostly opposite sex couples that take advantage of them. I wonder why?


Nd.chic said...

That's awesome. Health insurance is such a big expense. By the way, it sounds like your bf is just a honey.

Sunflowers said...

He's my sweetie honeypie. ;)

MsCFaith said...

I didn't know domestic partnership has benefits. What are some of the benefits that you can get out of it?

Thanks for the heads up Sunflowers! :-)

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Sunflowers said...

@MsCFaith: Like I said in my post, I'm getting health benefits - health, vision and dental insurance. The only requirement was that we had been together for 6 months or more and were somehow financially tied. Very nice of his company to extend the benefits to opposite sex couples! :)

DogAteMyFinances said...

I considered doing this, but you will have to pay taxes on all the benefits. YIKES. You need to ask HR how much that will be because I was stunned.

I posted about this years ago before we were married.

Sunflowers said...

@Dog: Hmmm. Ok. I'll have to get M to ask HR about that. Thanks for the head's up!

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