Closet Cull 2010, Part 1

I'm participating in Red's experiment - I'm examining my closet's contents and selling or trading the clothes that don't fit me or I don't care to wear again. In the past I've donated (just 6 months ago I dropped off a large bag), but I'd like to get some of my money back for these particular clothes... I also might trade a few for other clothes. (My friend's having a potluck/crafting/clothes swapping party in a few weeks.)

I have a walk-in closet that I share with M, as well as two drawers for my workout clothes, a drawer for my winter accessories, a drawer for night clothes and tank tops, and a drawer for lingerie.

Here's my closet (the pic on the right is actually the left side of my closet, where I keep suits, jeans and dresses. Underneath the clothes on the pic on the left are 2 double hang closet rods... that's where I hang jackets, cardigans, shorts and skirts):

Here's the first item I'm thinking of getting rid of (returning to Anthro, to be more precise)... I'm undecided. (I keep all the tags on my clothes before I'm 100% sure about them. This one I've had for about 6 months and haven't been able to wear because it's been too hot) Do you think I look like a clown? (Oh yeah, and please excuse my gym clothes! ;P)

Next are dresses that need to go. I'm undecided about the white and blue ones on the left (need to try them on). The polka dotted dress is see-through, the teal dresses fit me 10 lbs and 10 yrs ago, and the long sleeved blue dress is dowdy.

Finally, we have my maxi dress and a dress I wore to a wedding reception 5 years ago. The maxi dress could be wearable if it was altered (it needs to be shortened and front needs to be stitched closed). Is it worth it? It is a prettier purple in person. I need to try on the dress on the right, but it's giving off a "blah" vibe to me.

Stay tuned for part 2, when I tackle my tops... ;)


Anonymous said...

Love it! I've linked to you in my original post. :)

I'm so coveting your closet right now. Though technically, I guess I don't have enough clothes to fill one.

I guess this is kind of enabling, but I think you should keep the striped jacket! I love it! :)

Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see your part 2! (Maybe you'll keep me motivated to keep going, lol)

MsCFaith said...

That's a great move! I have a lot of clothes that don't fit me anymore, so, what I did, I gave it to my other cousins who've been eying some of my clothes, LOL. And some, I donated to those who were affected by the recent storm we had here in the Philippines.

ashley said...

I say... anything you feel blah about, just get rid out. Because then you'll feel blah when you're wearing it to, which is no good.

And yes, I also love your big closet!

Iris said...

If it doesn't make you look and feel good I say ditch it. That being said you look good in everything you post! But it's up to you to decide...great job so far!

Sunflowers said...

@Red: Thanks! :D There's only 1 closet in the whole apartment, so I'm glad it's big! ;) Maybe I will keep the striped jacket... I need a cold day so I can actually wear it! Or at least a day where it's under 70! geez.

@MsCFaith: I would totally give some clothes away to my cousins - if only they didn't live in another state!

@ashley: I tried on that blah dress again and it continued to give me the blahs... lol... so yeah, I'm definitely getting rid of it. At least I got some good use out of it, back in the day. :)

@Iris: Aw, thanks! You're sweet to say that. :)

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