Random Stuff for Sale

I've been cleaning out the closet and have come upon the following things that I want to get rid of -

  1. Manga
  2. Chumby
  3. Scanner
  4. Canon PowerShot
  5. 2 iPhones (the old ones, with boxes)
  6. ThermaClear
  7. Various fiction books
  8. Various law books & Law in a flash cards
  9. Bike helmet
  10. Black shelves
So if you find yourself needing one of those items, email me at debtchronicles at hotmail.com and I promise I'll give you a good deal. :)


Jenna said...

Any chance you can post pictures of said items? Any update on what has been sold?

Sunflowers said...

Jenna, if you email me and tell me which items you're interested in, I can send you lots of pics. :) I started to post them on the blog, but it felt cluttered.

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