Rent Decrease Requested

...and now we're patiently waiting for an answer from the landlord. We asked that they get back to us by the first of next month.

M and I decided to try for a $100 decrease. That would be fantastic, though I would be fine with $50 as well. I've never tried to negotiate for a rent decrease, but I've also never rented during a renter's market. I'm optimistic about our chances.

But if they flat-out refuse, then it's back to the hunt. I'm feeling blase about the whole thing now; I like our place enough that I would be happy to stay, but if we had to leave I'm almost certain we could find something as good or better.

EDIT (4/21): They agreed to the decrease! :) That's a $1200 savings, and we can not worry about moving for another year. woohoo!


ashley said...

Wow, I didn't even know you could do that! Congrats! Nice easy way to save $1,200 a year, sweet.

Revanche said...

Congrats on negotiating! I'm including this is my monthly roundup.

Jenna said...

That is great news! Any chance you can share how you went about asking for a decrease?

Sunflowers said...

Thanks everyone! :)

@Jenna: definitely, I'll write a post about it soon

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