M's dad proposed something to us over the weekend that I'm kind of excited about! His dad and stepmom bought a house recently. It's about a mile away from where we currently live, and about half a mile closer to M's work. They're going to do a lot of work on it before they move in; I think they're adding an extra bedroom, a pool, some other things - apparently it's on a huge lot. But before the construction can get started, they need to get their permits approved.

This is where we come in. They think it'll take 6-9 months for the approval process. During that time, the house will be vacant. So M's dad asked if we'd like to live there during that time - rent free.

The downside would be that we'd have to move twice, possibly in a 6 month period. But we'd save anywhere from $7350-11025. M also expressed some hesitation over the fact that we'd get to live in the house first. It's his parents' dream house, they've been saving many years for it, why do we get to take advantage of it - that kind of thing. I also wonder if they'd want to visit all the time - it is their house, after all.

What do you think? Is it worth it? Any other potential downsides that I missed?


eemusings said...

That's a lot you could be saving - I'd definitely consider it carefully. It's all currently in livable condition, right?

Sunflowers said...

Yeah... they just want to make it bigger and do some updates. As far as I know, it's a 4 bedroom house in perfect condition.

Canadian Saver said...

Oh the savings are enormous! I'd write out the pros and cons on a note pad and see which side wins... moving twice would be #1 on the cons, but other than that, it might be a great way to save a lot of $$!

Ayashi said...

Sounds like an amazing offer! Moving twice would suck... but that's also a lot of money saved :)

I understand M's hesitation since it is his parents' dream house, but they offered this to you out of the blue I assume... so it seems like that isn't something that bothers them! :)

-caitorait on twitter

Sunflowers said...

@Canadian Saver: I know!! I guess one other downside would be... what if in 6 months we had to move out and I still didn't have a job? M makes a lot of money, but so far everyone has taken both our incomes/credit scores into account (I assume it's because we're unmarried)

@Ayashi: Yeah, it was out of the blue... I don't think M's dad has discussed it with his wife yet though. So maybe my post was a little premature ;p (but I doubt she'd have a problem with it)

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