Happy Valentine's Day!

I love Valentine's Day - and always have, whether single or coupled! I've mentioned before that the warm fuzzies the holiday brings is due in large part to my mom, who made it a point to make the day special while I was growing up.

This is the 6th V-Day I've spent with M. We're keeping it low-key today (still recuperating from last weekend's trip!), and doing a lot of lounging. We might take a walk down the beach later, before getting dressed up and heading to dinner at an Italian place. (That's one of our traditions - a new restaurant every year!)

We started the day a little bit differently than all those other years - M sent me on a treasure hunt to find my present! :) It was the cutest thing EVER... and in the end, I discovered a large framed compilation of all the photos of the two of us from the last 5 years (with the outline of a heart in the middle of it) I teared up, and I'm tearing up now just thinking about it!!

My other V-day present was the ring we discovered in a NYC jewelry shop last weekend. I don't want to gush, but... I love, love, love it! The fact that M hates diamonds so much, and he said he wouldn't get me a ring, and yet he was so happy to buy it for me... Yeah. I'm a lucky girl. :)

ANYWAY... that's enough out of me. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, everyone! :) Love and hugs and chocolate!


HighClassLowIncome said...

Seems like you have a great guy! :) The gift sounds awesome and thoughtful!

Well Heeled Blog said...

That's adorable. I'm glad you had a wonderful V-day.

eemusings said...

Aw. I made T a scrapbook with photos and other things a little while after we got together. He found it recently and says he shed a tear looking back through it :)

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