New York!

My dad got M and I a trip to New York City as my birthday/Christmas present! :) We're going in early February, so it's kind of like a Valentine's Day trip (it even fits in with my 5 year plan! ;)).

My dad did all the planning and booking (plane, shuttle, hotel), so now all we have to decide on is where to eat and what Broadway show to see! Recommendations for either would be much appreciated!


Shtinkykat said...

I have absolutely no recommendations since I've never been, but what an awesome present! Hope you enjoy planning on all the great places you can eat. :-D

HighClassLowIncome said...

Sounds fun!! That's a generous present. I'm going to NY Jan 20. :) We still haven't booked a hotel yet.. still shopping around. How long are you going for?

Miss M said...

Awesome, no advice either as my one and only NYC trip was back when I was 18. Many many years ago! Have fun, what a cool gift.

Sunflowers said...

@Shtinkykat: I will!! I'm already thinking about the food now.. ;)

@HighClassLowIncome: We'll get in late on a Thurs, and leaving mid-day Sunday... so it's a short but sweet trip. :) How long are you staying?

@Miss M: It was a cool gift... (and one that I specifically asked for. <.< But I think it still retains its coolness!)

Serendipity said...

Lucky! Have fun and take plenty of pics.

me in millions said...

Was just in NYC and saw "In the Heights." Loved it!!! Also would recommend Avenue Q and Wicked if you haven't seen either.

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