I'm Back!

Back... and jetlagged. ;) For those of you on twitter, you might know that we almost ended up not going... M got a cold a day before we left (likely from me), and was adamant that we stay home. He ended up relenting, but was sick for 3 more days, and then I got sick AGAIN for the last 2 days of the trip, AND I got hives from our fancy hotel in Paris (90% sure that it was a reaction to the bedspread).

That said, I still got to experience many things, and I'm mostly happy that we went... M says he is not. He admits that he had SOME fun, but generally wishes we had postponed the trip. I'll elaborate more in a future post... and also discuss the (gulp) cost (92% of which he covered).

Anyway, what's done is done... I saw some beautiful things, but I'm happy to be home. :) I'll leave you with some pictures!


ashley said...

I would say I'm glad you guys had an awesome trip, but... ouch. It sounds like it was pretty rough, but at least you managed to find some good in it. Hopefully M will change his mind once the bad memories fade and the good ones are left.

Revanche said...

Welcome back!! Sorry he still didn't think it was so worth it, and that you got sick again. I have some friends who just returned from Italy around the same time you did and caught bugs as well.

Canadian Saver said...

Well that sucks about the sickness :-( Not cool and I can understand his reluctance to go...

I sooo want to see more pics!!!!

Unknown said...

I saw tour pics it was really nice one. Hope you had a great trip..

Marion Barrett
Debt Management

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!

That is unfortunate that you guys were so sick!

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