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I'm taking the bar exam next July. Pretty much 99% of people take a bar review course (at least from what I've heard). I'm absolutely certain I need to take one. By the time I'll take the bar, I'll have been in law school 4 years. The most tested subjects are from year one. I barely remembered the concepts a semester after I studied them, let alone 3 years. :p

I was hoping not to think about signing up for another month, but faced with discounts expiring on certain courses and the possibility that others would fill up, I had to make my decision.

These were primarily the courses I was looking at, and some details about each -


  • Price (w/discount): $2860
  • Just started offering a complete bar review this year
  • Applies down payment paid to Barbri
  • Both live, taped, and online lectures
  • Guarantee (if you fail on the first go, you can take the course on the second go for free)
  • Includes PMBR (multiple choice review - this part has been around a long time)
  • unlimited essay review
  • Price: $3500
  • has been around a long time (and 80% of people seem to take it)
  • supposed to have really good study aids/time management charts
  • Both live, taped, and online lectures
  • well-known lecturers
  • takes a very long time for essays to be graded and returned
  • Price: $1395
  • online only
  • $100 off if you opt for online materials (instead of books)
  • phone and live chat support
I ultimately went with Kaplan, because (1) I liked the price; (2) it's a reputable company; (3) the guarantee is reassuring; and (4) unlimited essay review is impressive.

I had to put $200 down, and $250 was applied from the payment I already made to Barbri, so I still owe $2410. I hope that it's worth it!


Jill said...

That is a tough choice to make. I took a Kaplan test for my nursing NCLEX-RN and it was good. It helped me review and stay focused. If anything it gave me confidence. I am taking a certifciation test for work soon and invested in a study program. Good luck!I never knew it was so expensive to take the bar. Geez!! Happy studying.

Sallie's Niece said...

I took Barbri and passed (yay!) but Kaplan doesn't have a course in my area. That's great you get unlimited essay review. Barbri (like you said) only reviewed three of mine and it took so long I barely remembered writing them when I got them back. The best piece of advice I can give you when studying for the bar exam is to use the methods the course suggests but ultimately you have to find your own method of studying, much like in law school. Good luck (way in advance of course).

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