Moving Update

I apologize for my silence recently... between the impending move and packing and ebay/craig's list selling (and buying) plus the long hours I've been putting in at work, I haven't been in a mood to write (mainly have been in the mood to vegetate!). Hopefully by Monday we'll be settled, have internet, and I'll be back to regular postings. :)

So far, it's looking like the movers will cost approx. $300, the fridge will be $220 (bought off Craig's List and supposedly less than a year old), the June prorated rent will be $163... am I forgetting anything? It's not looking terribly expensive (at least, so far).

I was going to have the movers pick up the fridge and bring it back to the new apt (once everything is moved from the old apt to the new - I figure I'll still have them for another hour, since it's a 3 hour minimum, and a 1 mile move!). Anyone ever done this before? Will it be a problem? I e-mailed them about it, but got no response.

In other news, like Little Miss Moneybags, I have my new iphone, and I LOVE it. It's significantly faster than my old one, it has little useful, time saving features (I can finally do an inbox search!), I love the voice control... anyway, I'm very happy I bought it. :) But it will probably be the last purchase in a loong while... I have to update my budget next week and tighten the control over my spending. Have been a bit crazy lately!


Shtinkykat said...

Good luck on your move. Hope it goes smoothly. Can I ask how much does your iPhone data plan costs per month?

Sunflowers said...

$20/mo for unlimited data with the old iphone ($120/mo total for 2 iphones)... it's increased to $30/mo for data and I have to pay 5/mo to get 200 texts (they were included before). So I'm paying $15/mo more for the new one. It's worth it! ;)

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