Expenses Looming

Finals end on Thursday, and then immediately on Friday I get to deal with some car repairs that I've been putting off. I'm getting an oil change, a 12 month recommended maintenance, and my door fixed. Hopefully during the maintenance they don't find anything else that's in need of repair... and also hopefully the door issue -the back passenger door stopped opening from the inside- isn't too expensive. I thought about just continuing to put it off, but it's kind of dangerous if I have people sitting in the back... what if I have an accident and someone gets trapped back there?

I'm also doing my first personal training session on Friday. I tried to negotiate her price down a bit more (by offering to pay for a number of sessions up front), but she refused, saying her price is already reasonable (which I think is true). That's one expenditure I'm excited about. I really want to start chipping away at this weight I've gained!

Then Sunday is Mother's Day... M and I are going to take my mom and little sister to a buffet. We've already purchased her present - the internet! They've been without it for months (she said she didn't have the money), and we figured that's probably one of the most valuable presents we can give her (and my sister). If we continue to pay for it over the next year it'll cost us around $450, but maybe she'll be able to take over the payments in 6 months.

I'm finally going to put up some purses/shoes/clothes on ebay, so hopefully it'll quickly offset some of the weekend's expenses. I'm also going to put some furniture up on Craig's List. I want to be prepared early for the move into the 1 bedroom.


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