April (and some of May) Goals, revisited

I know this is the third goals post I've done this month, but I have a paper due next week, and finals the two weeks after that, so I'm trying to find ways to keep myself focused and on task. Hopefully this will help! I'm dividing out by week (since April is almost over... time flies).

Week of April 13th
  • SpaWeek appointment (I'm doing what Little Miss Moneybags did)
  • Bakery visit (there's this awesome bakery really close to the spa that I can't wait to go to! :))
  • Continue W&T catch-up
Saturday & Sunday
  • Continue W&T catch-up
  • Continue working on memo
  • Go to gym and/or yoga
Week of April 20th
  • Go to gym daily
  • Finish memo (due 4/22)
  • Continue W&T catch-up/review
  • Read MP E&E
  • Study for EL Final (read EL E&E)
  • Take car in for oil change & yearly maintenance
Week of April 27th
  • Go to gym daily
  • Orthodontist appointment
  • Study for EL Final (do practice exams)
  • Take final on 4/29
  • Study for MP
Week of May 4th
  • Go to gym daily
  • Study for W&T
  • Take W&T Final (5/6)
  • Take MP Final (5/7)
  • Put things up for sale on ebay
  • Go to Disneyland
  • Schedule appointment w/gyno


Little Miss Moneybags said...

Good luck with your SpaWeek visit! I am just at the end of the uncomfortable stage, and it's going to be great!

Sunflowers said...

I'm still a little nervous... but thanks for answering all my questions! :D

ashley said...

I have exactly this type of plan saved on my desktop... it feels really nice sometimes to list everything out, doesn't it? I love knowing exactly what needs to be done when.

Sunflowers said...

@ashley: I have it saved in outlook on my pc! but I like having it on the blog so I can look at no matter where I am :)

ashley said...

Sweet!! That's really cool that your mom is a German professor. :-) No, I majored in German in undergrad. I wanted to major in Linguistics, but my mom was against it because it was a "useless major." Because obviously, German is a much better choice. :-P But yeah, now that I'm in grad school I kind of do a bit of both, so I'm happy.

knight said...

oh man i need to go to the gym as well!

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