Review of March Goals

  1. Devote one full day to studying every week (M, F, or weekend).
  2. Devote several hours every Friday to reviewing my notes.
  3. Study for and take MPRE.DONE
  4. Prepare for and complete interview portion of Ethical Lawyering (25% of grade).
  5. DONE
  6. Feel like I'm on top of the material for all my classes by the end of the month.
  1. Go to yoga (at least) 1x/week
  2. Go to the gym (at least) 2x/week
  3. Do some type of exercise for 30 mins daily - Wii Fit, DDR, exercise bike, biking, running
  4. Start tracking my exercise/eating habits in my fitness blog again.
  1. Call and/or write Macy's and Capital One re: removing negative marks from credit reports. DONE
  2. Sell a few purses on Ebay.
  3. Only spend $200 on food! DONE
  4. Check job postings 1x/week. DONE
  1. Go to Lenscrafters and get an eye exam (I have a free coupon!). DONE
  2. Buy new contacts. DONE
  3. Continue following skin and teeth regimen. DONE
  4. Go to the gynecologist... once I find one I like.
I still need to get on top of things with school, and I HAVE to start exercising... but otherwise I feel like I got a lot accomplished this month. And spring break is next week, so I have time to get the rest of this stuff finished. :)


Anonymous said...

Nice job! I'm impressed you spent under $200 on groceries. I still spend way too much.

Sunflowers said...

Thanks! But I cheated with the food... M paid for 80% of it. :\

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