Healthy Eating

I think it's really time for me to learn how to cook. M's work has been leaving him exhausted, disinterested in cooking dinner, and yearning for fast food (or expensive "gourmet" delivery aka Cheesecake Factory), which is bad, because I want to lose weight and I want to save money. So I've spent the past 2 hours compiling a list of healthy, easy, and fast recipes (I should be studying, but I've been having so much fun checking out! ;))...

M doesn't like food plans (he thinks they're restrictive), so I'm going to make this flexible. I'm also going to earmark two days for fast food/delivery/dining out. Also, although last week I had time to do the dishes every day (had a few days off), I usually only have the time/energy to do it once during the week. So it'll be nice to have a couple days of no mess!

I'm aiming for 2 vegetarian meals, 1-2 fish meals, 1 chicken meal, and 1 red meat dinners per week. This is what I'm thinking about for this week (3/8-3/14):
--btw, these are all supposed to take only 15 mins prep AND cook time!!--


  • Greek garbanzo bean salad (can eat for a few days)
  • Asparagus and tofu stir fry
  • Steamed halibut with bok choy
  • Stir fried chicken and asparagus
Red Meat
  • Take-out


Serendipity said...

I'm making myself learn how to cook because I can tell Rambo is yearning for the days of his mothers meals. And I'm always tired of being bloated and want to lose weight too. So, good luck to the both of us. :)

Sunflowers said...

I'M yearning for my mom's cooking! As soon as M goes back to working more normal days (10-8), he's becoming the primary cook again... maybe my mom could hold a "cooking class" at our apt and teach him a thing or two. ;) Cooking is so exhausting! lol. But I should at least know how to cook, when I have to... ;)

But yes - good luck! We can do it. :)

Simplelivin' said...

Ok, so some how my comment got posted under your previous post...hmm.
Any ways, good luck with it!

Sarah said...

I have such a hard time learning to cook because I like to eat comfort food. I just never seem to find any recipes that sound like something I'd actually want to eat.

Anonymous said...

I've been cooking and making salads with Garbanzo beans like crazy. I have been craving them. It's weird. I'm so jealous of people who make meal plans. I am just not that organized yet!

Sunflowers said...

@Simplelivin: Thanks! :)

@paranoidasteroid: I know what you mean. But I found a lot of good ones on! It was really easy to find good stuff (or what looks like good stuff; we'll see when I make it ;)). I found a recipe for English sausage rolls that I would love to try out... that's the ultimate in comfort food. Mmm.

@Moving on up: I'm so hungry right now! I can't wait to have my garbanzo bean salad ;D Talk about cravings... I constantly think about this ahi tuna/goat cheese salad that unfortunately I've only been able to find (done well) at this one place... 40 mins away! Maybe if I had it more often, I wouldn't think about it so much. I'm not sure <.<

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