January Budget Recap

I spent a LOT on household items this month - a rice cooker, a kitchen mat, muffin pan, etc. But very little on food (that's because M is paying for everything, even when I tell him to use our joint account). I feel really bad about that. :(

I currently have $8200 in the bank. I've already paid for rent (1050) and credit cards (839) for this month, which means I have $1334 left in expenses. For March, April, May and expenses for the beginning of June (because the loan payment likely won't come in until the second week), I'll need $12,423. The difference between what I have now and what I'll need is $4223. I'll get $2500 from my job. That leaves me with $1723. I have about $1500 coming from my tax refund. So I'll need to come up with about $300 extra ($600 if I do get an IOU as my state refund) from now until June 1st.


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