In case of a disaster...

M and I have been stocking up on "disaster preparation" items lately. I think it's motivated by (1) the whole landlord/firetrap situation, (2) the movies we've seen recently, and (3) all the disasters we've read about on the news. Oh, and the earthquake we had on Friday! (It was small, but I - and sorry for the TMI - was sitting on the toilet, and my immediate thought was "oh my god, it's the big one, and my pants are down around my ankles." I yelped (loudly), and jumped up. Then my mom, who was visiting, rushed into the bathroom to see if I was ok... Yeah... Embarrassing).

M purchased two flashlights last week (one was a wind-up, one was heavy-duty). Today, I just snagged a fire/waterproof hanging file safe. M was initially reluctant about it, but I convinced him it was worth it. We also have a small fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, and lots of bottled water.

Are there any other disaster prep related items that you think are worth spending money on?


Shtinkykat said...

OMG. I too was on the can when an EQ happened. It's amazing how you can't think on your feet when you're on the can! LOL.
I would also get sturdy gloves in case you have broken glass and other sharp shards.

Miss M said...

Hilarious, it's OK i've had my own toilet incidents lately too. We didn't feel this earthquake. Camping gear is good too, a camp stove and some propane. Canned and dry goods like pasta and sauce. Cash, cause ATMs and other systems might be down. I so need a fire safe, old wiring and we're in the hills with brush and trees around us.

Over the Cubicle Wall said...

Depending on how cold it gets, a good sleeping bag can be a lifesaver when you are without heat for prolonged periods. I bought a 0 degree rated one for the climate i am in. Around $50.

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Sunflowers said...

Ok, sturdy gloves, canned food, camping gear (compass? sleeping bag? but I've seen it go lower than 30 degrees here... ever)... thanks for all the great suggestions :D

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