New Feature for AAA Members!

I just got a postcard in the mail from AAA - they're adding free identity theft monitoring for premier members! The features include one free Experian credit report, free daily Experian credit monitoring, free e-mail alerts, free fraud resolution support, and free $10k in identity theft insurance coverage.

I was paying $12.99/mo to Bank of America for credit monitoring up until a couple months ago, so it'll be nice to have monitoring for free (albeit from only one of the reporting agencies).

I know some people don't think AAA is worth it, but I love them... they've saved my (and my friends') butts numerous times... not to mention just having that card in my wallet makes me feel a million times safer!


Shtinkykat said...

We must be on the same wavelength since I just wrote about this service as well. I think it's a great deal. I agree with you about AAA. I'm paying for my peace of mind in case I'm stranded due to a dead battery, a flat, etc.

Anonymous said...

Ya know, I feel silly because I have never even looked into this service, but being 21 and single, and alot of times driving long distances alone for work and such, it would probably be a good idea!!

Thanks for sharing that great information!

Sunflowers said...

@Shtinkykat: Great minds.. um... post alike?! ;)

@PJ: Yeah, I would definitely look into it! They allowed me to upgrade to the premier membership for free after I'd been with them a little while... they have great travel benefits too. :)

Candice Benjamin said...

I heart AAA so much! SO worth the investment!

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