Fun Weekend!

I had an awesome weekend... and because it was my birthday, I got to enjoy all the fun for free. :)

Friday my bf took me out for a pre-birthday dinner where we shared foie gras (I know it's really cruel what they do to the geese... but I love the stuff. It's a very guilty pleasure), octopus, short rib ravioli and steak... all delish!

On Saturday, I went roller skating with friends (for the first time in years), had Japanese food for dinner with more friends (my dad and bf graciously paid for everyone; thankfully it was really inexpensive - around $100 for 10 people!!), and then went to karaoke until 2 in the morning!

Then today I went shopping with my bf for a few more presents (after sleeping half the day away), and afterwards went to Costco to pick up a yummy chocolate cake. We put b-day sparklers on it when we got home, and each ate a slice. We also watched Bolt (cute movie) and finished wrapping the rest of the presents. So now I'm officially, totally DONE with everything Christmas related. This makes me sound a bit bah humbug, but I'm looking forward to the day after Christmas. December is filled with lots of fun, but also lots and lots of stress... the day after Christmas marks the first day of my stress-free one week vacation. I'm looking forward to it!


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