December Goals, revisited

  1. Wrap Christmas Presents
  1. Re-evaluate my Spring course load. I might drop one class and substitute it for a 1 unit volunteer thing.
  2. Sign up for Creative Writing online class for fun.
  3. Buy books for spring semester.
  1. Go to yoga (at least) 2x/week
  2. Go to the gym (at least) 2x/week
  3. Go on the exercise bike for 30 mins daily & finish Twilight and Air
  1. Call and/or write Macy's and Capital One re: removing negative marks from credit reports.
  2. Return shoes to
  3. Return Revolve purchases
  4. Confirm how many hours I will be working during spring semester.
  5. Sell all my books from this term on Amazon, Ebay, or
  1. Buy new contacts, if I need them.
  2. Get my glasses fixed at Lenscrafters (I need them tightened and a scratch to be removed)
  3. Switch Dental HMO to PPO & Health PPO to HMO.
  1. Have the carpets cleaned and assess the lighting problems in our second bedroom.
  2. Clean the house, organize loose papers, get rid of excess.
  3. Clean out closet and donate clothes.
  4. Plan a exercise/blogging/studying schedule for Jan and Feb, and another one from March onwards if I go back to working full-time.
  5. Have fun at my b-day party! :)


Anonymous said...

You have lots to do this month. Very motivated!

Sunflowers said...

I have 2 full free weeks... I want to make the most of them! :)

Shtinkykat said...

Holy canoli, you're ambitious! I was thinking about vegetating the next couple of weeks. You've put me to shame!

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