WAFF (aka Warm & Fuzzy Feelings)

My bf, as far as I know, doesn't read this blog, but I felt compelled to spread the warm fuzzies for him anyway. :)

He knows that I've made a budget and am trying hard to stick to it (and really must! or risk being flat-broke), and he says he's very proud of me for it, and for making a commitment to this blog. At the same time he also wants me (and us) to enjoy life. Once I deplete my/our food & entertainment budget, he's been stepping in for everything - taking me out to nice restaurants, buying Chai Tea Lattes on late night Starbucks runs, buying video games, renting movies, whatever.

I haven't been the nicest person the last couple weeks (I'm stressed about finals, the holidays, money), and for that I'm sorry (he knows, but a public declaration can't hurt ;)) and -- I love you!

I look forward to the day when he either (a) goes back to school or (b) starts his own company and I can pay for everything and pamper him for a couple months! ;)


Shtinkykat said...

Awwwwww. That's so sweet! But hopefully you're declaring your love to him in person too. ;-D

Sounds like he's on the same page with you re: spending and that's a great sign.

Sunflowers said...

In between bouts of telling him he's annoying and smelly... I occasionally tell him I love him. lol.

Anonymous said...

That's cool. I have a supportive boyfriend too who pays for dinners and other luxuries I couldn't buy on occasion.

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