Happy Thanksgiving!

Had to emerge from my hiatus to wish my fellow Americans a Happy Thanksgiving! (and to procrastinate from studying. Ahh, procrastination, how I love thee)

What am I thankful for?

  • my boyfriend, who is always there when I need a backrub, someone to rant to, or someone to help me with flashcards the day before an exam ;)
  • my friends, who love me for who I am
  • my family, who always find time to help me figure stuff out
  • my (large) apartment & (reliable) car, without which I would feel claustrophobic (I couldn't live in a tiny place with another person! It would drive me crazy), and frustrated (since LA's public transit system sucks)
  • my education & no-hassle loans to finance that education
  • the internet, which makes everything a million more times convenient, and lets me write this fun blog, and gives me access to infinite amounts of information
  • my favorite entertainment: books, video games, & good tv/movies
Have I left anything out? Oh, thank you muchly, tasty turkey! ;)

Have a wonderful 4-day weekend, everyone!


Miss M said...

Happy thanksgiving to you too, I'm enjoying the long weekend. The mass transit is a work in progress. I've always had tiny places in LA, my studio apt was about 500 sq ft. My house is 750, can you believe they squeezed two bedrooms and a dining room out of that. Now get back to studying.

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