Sticking to my budget

These were my and my bf's expenses:
= $297.57

That's $3 under our budget... but we still have 2 weeks left in this month!

This is what I've spent on food:
= 41.47

I haven't spent anything at school, because I'm still using my $50 gift card. So I still have 58.53 left for food this month! My friend has bought me a couple meals, so I owe her... I'm going to take her out for Indian this weekend (I've been craving chicken tikka masala...
hopefully my mouth will be able to take it!). That will probably cost $30ish (update: this actually cost $42.18). That will leave me with $28 (update: $16.35), which I'm going to put towards my and my bf's food budget. That gives us the ability to go grocery shopping one last time.

= $80.17

I'm going to use half a tank to drive to my friend's house today. But I think I should still be able to stay within budget, as long as I just stick to driving to and from school for the rest of the month.


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