Making Progress

Yesterday I finally went to yoga class. It was very relaxing, and served as a good distraction from my teeth.

Also, today I started taking vitamins (NatureMade Multi for Her). I know I usually don't take in enough vitamins and minerals, and now that my diet is severely restricted (due to the braces), I'll take in even less. I'm hoping this will help my overall health (and maybe stop my hair from falling out?! It seems to be doing that alot lately - maybe from stress).

My mouth hurts a bit worse today, so I think I'm going to stay in, maybe clean the apartment a little, and read for pleasure while on the exercise bike. I'm also going to try to do another yoga class this weekend - I'm hoping I can convince my bf to come with me. He's stubbornly against yoga right now, for whatever reason. I'm going to try hard to change his mind. Yoga is great!


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