Cash & Debt Totals

I returned one purse today. That means $427.55 went back on my debit card.

Current Totals
Checking Account - 10475.20
Joint Account - 2480.77 (includes 2100 for Oct rent, so really 380.77)

Mastercard - 5770.76
Visa - 8779.51

I said I needed $11,198 to live on for 4 months (Oct-Jan). Subtracting rent for next month, that leaves $10,148. So right now I DO have enough money to last through January, assuming I stick to my budget. However, my budget didn't take into account having a balance on the Mastercard. I have about $1800 left of things to sell, but then I'll have to make payments (so much for having the card paid off by Oct. 15th!). That means AT LEAST $100 extra per month has to be factored in - which means I'll need 10,548 to live on, leaving me at a loss of $73. So I will definitely need my paychecks in order to survive from now until January.


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