More Debt - UGH.

I have to adjust my debt totals. I checked my Mastercard account this morning, and somehow, it's increased by nearly $2000! That number SHOULD decrease by $2100 next week (I'm selling something that will hopefully return a profit) - but I'm really shocked by how quickly that number went up (in less than a month!). I'll have to review my account to see what's going on.

Updated breakdown of my current debt:
Visa: $8,952.00 (11.24% interest) (+$88)
Mastercard: $4,323.00 (24.99% interest) (+$1,800)
Car Loan: $10,961.00 (payments @ $370 per month; done by 5/8/2011)
BF Loan: $10,000.00 (interest free)
TOTAL DEBT = $34, 236.00

So, after checking over my account... yes, I did really spend nearly $2k in under a month. And ZERO necessary purchases! I can't even remember buying all this stuff. I'm going to list them to shame myself -- I can't keep doing this. I'll definitely be taking some of these back.

Mike & Chris Leather Jacket $1,032.63
Yellow Maxi Dress $130.00
Purple Maxi Dress $82 (on sale)
Botkier Purse $330 (on sale)
Ugg Cardys in Black & Brown $200 (on sale)
Magenta Dress $120 (on sale)
Deposit for Rebecca Minkoff Purse $300 (on sale) --> I was accidentally charged twice, so one $300 will drop off in a couple days
Tano Purse $198

At least most of the things I bought were on sale and returnable??


Meg said...

Girl, you are crazy... And I mean that in as good of a way as I can. :) What in the world do you need with a $1k leather jacket? Even the motorcycle jackets I've looked at and wanted are only in the $300 range... And those are meant for protection if something happens!

Sunflowers said...

The leather is so soft! And it has a hood! Perfect lining! And... uh. Yeah. :\ It's mostly indefensible.

I could've gotten it at Revolve Clothing for 30% off, but I missed out. And then I couldn't find it anywhere online (the more elusive it becomes, the more I want it!)... so when I heard they had one left at Saks, I jumped on it.

It is the first leather jacket I've owned since I was 12 (and I begged my dad to get me one as my birthday present)... but I know I could get a nice one for under $400. I still have 30 days to return it, so I think I'll look for something a little less crazy... <.<

HS @ Our Debt Blog said...

WOW! Botkier Purse $330!! OK its just a purse, trust me, it won't be cool in 3 months, I have a deal w. the wife, don't spend more than 100 on a purse! took a while to get her used to this and now she loves GUESS purses from macy's or guess store, probably buys a new one every 3 months.

And 1000 leather jacket??!!? this is why you have debt! you should shop at TJMAX from now on lol

Sunflowers said...

@hs: Ok, obviously I'm a bit late responding to this comment, but I just noticed it, and it's irked me...

(1) That purse sells for $520 retail, so I got a great deal.
(2) How is buying 1 purse every 3 months for $100 cheaper than buying 1 purse per year for $330? (this summer was the exception; otherwise I have always only replaced my purse once a year) I spend money on HIGH QUALITY (classic) purses so they LAST. Guess purses are not of very high quality, and they often have funky designs, which is likely why she has to buy them 4 times a year.
(3) I can assure you, I don't make a habit of buying clothes over $500. A leather jacket like that can last for YEARS, so it's worth it. (e.g. the leather jacket I currently own was bought 12 years ago)
(4) I returned the jacket.
(5) Don't tell me where to shop.
(6) I feel bad for your wife!!

mike said...

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